Can this company be trusted?

i found this site

people say they are offering .com domain for price even less than ICANN and something must be wrong with them…may be fraud or something…

so can we trust them?

please help…

any way they can take the domains away…if they like…

people say they are offering .com domain for price even less than ICANN and something must be wrong with them…may be fraud or something…
Their prices are in Euros, so they’re not quite as cheap as they first appear to be.

we natively support 6 currencies including USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, GBP, CAD.

Our current price for .com is $6.95 and for .net $5.75.

We are not selling below Registry price, however it is absolutely true we make a very little markup mainly because we target large portfolio owners, however we happily support customers with even a single domain and at the same price.

Note also the above mentioned price includes Domain Privacy (Private Whois) at no extra cost.

We cannot take your domain away, as we are an official ICANN Registrar since 2004 and we have to escrow our full database on a regular basis accordingly to ICANN policies and rules.

If you need more details please feel free to ask.

Marco Rinaudo Corp.
The Bahamas

thanks for registering here and providing an explanation…
But we feel its all part of the business and it is always good to be some what cautious in virtual world…
after all there are lots of competitors factors,information from other people(which might not be true)…which can arise some doubt sometimes…

so just a normal business process…

those price seems to be even less than so called goaddy(which every body says is the cheapest…) so were some doubts…
any way thanks for the explanations…

i also have not seen any bad reviews or complaints so far…
so far so good…

it clearly says $6.95 for .com (which is less than normal sites…even godaddy)

are you trying to say there may be hidden cost?

no there are no hidden costs and we do not try to up sell hosting or other service as most of our competitors.

Note we have created an API you can try even without an account. We are also creating modules/plugins for the following Hosting Automation/Billing tools:

WHMCS (completed)
ClientExec (almost completed)
PleskBillin/ModernBill (almost completed).

If you are interested please let me know.

Marco Rinaudo

I find it not so good site. Avoid it simply. The PR of the site is 0, imagine! A good authority site has good respect from search engines.

we recently moved our website from internet DOT bs to internetbs DOT net that’s why Google is temporarily giving no ranking, after the next PR update you will see the correct rank. For your knowledge before moving our domain our home page was between PR 7 and PR 6.
You can also check Alexa for both our websites so you can have an idea of the traffic we receive and if we are reliable or not.

PS: the reason why we moved our website was because of the ccTLD geo-targeting and we are still the owner of both domains and the first one is automatically redirected (REDIRECT 301) to the new one.

Marco Rinaudo Corp.

yes that is right has very good pr and even sub links in SERP
and i even didnt found negative reviews about that site in web…

so may be it is good one…


just a little comment to confirm that Google has updated our pagerank for both and and now they are both PR6 .

Why do you believe that $6.95 is lower than ICANN price?

I suppose reading more reviews about this company can help you get out a lot of information

Have heard not such great things for a while now. My two cents.

I suppose OP will be thankful for you if you refer him to those places :wink: