Can the data in my database be used as content used for SEO content?

Hi guys, I wanted to create a site that would get visitors through my sites content including a database of games. I was looking through my Google web master tools, and in the keywords I was seeing my pages content etc showing up on there, but never any of the words used in my database table. Here is the page which contains the database. The main reason I am building this site is to hopefully help me fund my way at university I know I have along way to go but after a few weeks work I can get my page on the first page of Google by searching certain [URL=“,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.r_qf.,cf.osb&fp=37b244dfe41e981b&biw=1920&bih=897”]Keywords.

I am hoping to narrow down the keywords, and hopefully hoping to attract visitors through keywords matched to those in my database. Is there a set way to do this? Does the database page need to be the index page and registered with Google web master tools? If anyone can advise me on how to use my database content to better increase my sites visibility that would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks!!

Don’t think about search in terms of what you want, think about it terms of what a user (and thus an engine) expects.

Looking at your site it’s essentially a list without any details, reviews, prices, insight or any other information. Why would a name of a game rank for a search for it when others have full coverage, photos, conversations, details?

While there’s a lot of SEO “tricks” about getting the right links, structuring your code, titles, etc, at the end of the day you have to have enough useful content to be interesting for the engines to even care about.

Your intro supports this: a page of your experiences with games. Do that. And as you do build a general understanding of how to optimize so you can set it up right.

If you can format the database in a way that the visitor will find it useful then you can do so. Otherwise, it is not worth the effort because Google will consider it as bad for the visitors.

OK, thanks for the input guys. So basically my idea to increase content and attract visitors via database of games was a bad idea because things don’t work like that. I know that words in the content are used to find your page, the keyword in Google analytics show words I have written, but not any of the words found in the database know I know why. I was really hoping to use all this data I have collected as a way to create traffic on my site, I guess I will have to elaborate this content some more.

Thanks for the advice!