Business ads from websites to our sites

Hello again!

I’m here to discuss another topic: “Can we pick a business from the owner’s site directly and place it in our business website?”

I’ve seen many business portal sites that are placing the ads same way to increase the database.

I want to know if that is the best way to get the most of the traffic to your website?

Sorry, but your questions don’t make much sense.

What do you mean by “pick a business from the owner’s site”? What owner? What site?

And what about “placing the ads …to increase the database”? What database?

If you can explain what you are trying to achieve, we will do our best to help you.


OK…let me rephrase the content.

My question is: “If we copy the content, for example, from a hotel owner’s website, and place it on our business portal (i.e. Zubera Classifieds) to fill the database of our portal and increase the ad count; will it be helpful in SEO and to bring more traffic to our business portal ?”

Hope I made the query more clear now.