Googling contents of an Access database

I have an ASP site with an MS Access back end. It includes pages for visitors to search the database.

What I also require is for Google to index dynamic pages created from information in the database tables.

For example;

If I have a table called ‘courses’, can Google find dynamically generated pages by appending search criteria to a hyperlink whose format is

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Just make one thing clear that google will index what ever it will find in your website page source. Now if the front end of the website is having the link that you are talking about then you link will be indexed otherwise just forget about indexing.

It’s just like a spider web. if you have to connect yourself with the center of the web then your string should have to be connected with any of the node within the web.

If you have a link on your site to the page then google will index it.

If the courses page is only accessible from via a user search then google is unlikely to find it.

To get around this you could have a page (maybe on your site map) that contains links to all the course pages.

You could also look into url rewriting in order to change your links into something like: