Can Php Force Viral LIKES/SHARES Or LOCK/UNLOCK Pages, Contents, Images, etc.?


Have you seen those viral social network SHARING scripts or viral social network LIKING scripts or viral content locking scripts or viral contest scripts ?
You know the ones that force you to LIKE or SHARE a webpage in order for you to unlock the remaining content of the page or in order for you to get access to a download page, etc. Do you know if they’re built with php or not ? I once found one (free) built with javascript. The downside was, it didn’t track whether you LIKED/SHARED the concerned page or not.
Now, I want to learn how to build such scripts to add a feature onto my social network. Few months ago, I was hunting to buy one of these scripts but then gave-up as was planning on building my own with php. But tonight, I’m wondering if they’re built with php atall. Because, if they’re not then I’m wasting my time dreaming and so best I buy one of them. I’m listing a few below for you to get an idea what I’m talking about. Note I am listing no affiliate/referral links.

In other words, I want to build a script where if you want something from a member of my sn (like get added as his friend or follower or gain rights to mssg him or download his stuffs like ebook, softwares, or gain access to his records/stats, etc.) then you’re gonna have to facebook LIKE his blog or facebook LIKE his fan page or facebook POST or digg his post or tweet about his webpage or retweet his tweet or G+ his pages. In other words, I want the script to force you to SHARE/LIKE his webpage on other social networks). That way, the member gets viral traffic. And you too.

So, is all this do-able with php ? If so, which function ? I know partly curl would do the job but anything else too ?
Which aspect of php should I concentrate on ?

I haven’t checked the ones listed on the following page yet but will do after I wake-up. Need to go to bed. You are welcome to check them out and let me know which ones you’d stay away from and which ones you like. That would be feedback for me, should I decide to buy any of them.
One last question, these scripts usually do not come encrypted. Right ? I mean, I’d like to peeping tom over their source code to gain work experience.

PS - More than 6 months back, I built an .exe bot that would force you to tweet about my chosen link. It would check your tweeting page whether you’ve made the tweet or not. If not, then it won’t function. Else, would. Trying to now build something like that with php.
I think if I learn curl then I can get the script to check whether you’ve made the tweet or not. Get the script to check whether a certain html element or text exists on a page or not. But, I have no clue how to get it to force you to LIKE and SHARE others’ pages or how to get the script to LOCK/UNLOCK any content.
I get the feeling, the LOCKING/UNLOCKING is done with javascript. Correct ?

PPS - I downloaded the following free script. Do you reckon it is safe and sound to learn from it’s source code ?

Thank you for your time and effort!

Man i think you are talented for writing a articles :smiley: Everything is possible with PHP.

I must say your site and content would have to be something amazing for me to share on social media to view it. I would just pass on it.


Viral is a good name for this tactic - it’s like a virus that distorts the view of the reality. The word like no longer means what it meant. To like no longer means to like but to pay for something with an act that masquerades as liking to the outside world. A like becomes a commodity or an exchange currency and loses its meaning. In this usage it’s like a virus that spreads over the social media and corrupts it from the inside. So yes, I think that viral is a perfect name for this but I hope we won’t need to call it cancerous sometime in the future…


As others have said, that makes a mockery of the “like” system. And what about those who don’t have social media accounts? You’d be happy to exclude them from using your site, just because they choose not to use another social network?


Don’t worry. Not only YOU but Sam and Techie Bear would willingly share others’ stuffs (like your’s). I won’t give-out spoilers, right now, as I need to concentrate on learning first. Learn first. Talk later.
Now, people, don’t LIKE this post simply because I said “learn first & talk later” or “more work, less talk”.
More work won’t be coming your way unless I find some proper updated cURL tutorials and any other required functions’ tutorials to build the likes of the scripts mentioned on my op.

Nah! Those who do not have social networking accounts, they can TELL-A-FRIEND (email).

Well DEFINED, my friend. Very philosophical. I like that. We got a deep thinker, here, hey ? I would like to hear more from you from time to time.
Nah! I see it this way …
If somebody downloads something from you then it’s obvious they LIKED your ad enough to download it to give it a try. If you force them to SHARE it then others following them would see your ad and feel the same and download it too. Thus start the viral effect.

Ah! I get your point. What if they don’t like it after trying it ? Then they recommended something to their followers which they didn’t really like. Right ? In that case you have a point and I’ll see if I can come across a workaround but I get the feeling you will give more philosophy to it (which I welcome). :wink:

At the top of my head, I can think of this …
I can add a LIKE & SHARE feature on my own social network. I can give 2 sorts of buttons on each account holder:

You are forced to click the TRYING OUT button by the script before you can unlock content or download anything like software or ebook. That way, your followers get alerted what you are trying out (just like your followers get alerted when you LIKE/SHARE something).
The 2nd button is self explanatory. When you try something and like it then AND ONLY THEN you click the 2nd button so your followers get the message that you LIKED what you TRIED earlier. That way, your followers get a choice whether to TRY what you are TRYING.
Here, with the TRYING OUT button, you are only forced by the script to tell or auto notify your followers that you are TRYING OUT something. You still haven’t LIKED it yet. Now, you might say, this TRYING OUT notification button is useless because your followers would not try it out but wait to try it out only after you have LIKED it. But, I say, a lot of your followers would assume that they may like it even if you don’t. And so, a lot of your followers would TRY IT OUT and in the process be forced by the script to hit the TRYING OUT button before they can download it. And so, the viral effect would start and snow-ball.
Now, I really need to learn how to force with php like that. Apart from cURL, which aspect of php should I focus on to get this type of thing done (forcing to LIKE/SHARE) ?

Actually, while I write this message, a workaround has entered my mind. What is that aspect of php (which function) forces a visitor to click a button in order to proceed any further such as get a link become visible (so he can click the link and proceed) ?
Imagine this …
You are reading an article.
You scroll right down to the end of the article.
You find a NEXT PAGE button and only when you click that then the link to the next page appears. You might be wondering, why doesn’t the button just take the visitor to the next page ? Well, it can and I know how to code to do that but it doesn’t suit my purpose. You see, if I can learn to code on how to get a button click to reveal a link to the next page then I can always replace that button with facebook LIKE button or G+ button or twitter tweet button which when clicked would take the visitor to the LIKED/SHARING landing page. Or wouldn’t that do ?
I still haven’t got an idea on how to figureout whether the visitor has LIKED/SHARED/TWEETED or not like I wanted him/her to do. They can easily click the button and then hit the back button on their browsers to cheat the system. Mmm.

Anyway, if anybody comes-up with a cheat-proof way then feel obliged to let everybody know about your clever viral feature idea.

Take care!

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