Can any one help me?

I also has a godaddy hosting, and i read the godaddy help document.
They say we need put a web.xml in our hosting to parse jsp page.
I tried many time, but failed. I am new in jsp, can anyone tell me where to put
the web.xml, or if there are other things i need to do or set??

thanks very much.

The best thing to do is to call or email GoDaddy support and let them tell you exactly where to put it.

Perhaps this should go under coding or programming section for help but I think if this is constantly causing you trouble and if the document did not help, call your host or give them an email.

They should hopefully have the tools to help you out best since you are using their specific service/servers.

I agree with dmvictoria here. First of all try to find out if they allow those kind of things. And if they are not what do they recommend.

thank you reply, i will try again.