Call 1-800-Debbie

I want my own 800 # but don’t have anyone to answer it?!

Does anyone have any experience contracting with a 24/7 Call Center to take calls for your small-business? :cool:

How about with taking Phone Orders?

I don’t even know where to begin on this one…

(Advice for doing this in the U.S. would be best, but any help is welcome.)



Check out - they are a local Portland Oregon company. I work with two clients that are using Ruby and they love the service. From their site is says

You wouldn’t trust just anyone with your company’s calls – you want the best and the brightest. An impersonal answering service or recorded menu won’t do. With Ruby, you don’t just get a receptionist. You get an exceptional one.

~ I’m using Ringcentral for a similar service but those calls get emailed to me or stored in the DB if I don’t answer. I’m a big fan of ringcentral because of the pricing and they have so many options.

Interesting looking solution, except on problem…

I’m not willing to pay someone $131.40/hour to take my calls… (That would be a receptionist that costs over $250,000 per year!!!)


What do you mean?

Ruby’s pricing starts out at $219 a month?

That’s like hiring an employee but better for $2628.00 a year!

Did you read the website details???

$219/month for 100 minutes of receptionist services…

Get one caller who is talkative and spends 20 minutes on the phone and that just cost you over $40!!


Yes of course, I read the website details just before I posted their link on this page. You know, call center employees are trained to get the information quick and get off the phone in a friendly efficient manner. Generally speaking their job is pretty much to get the information and get back to you. They can even weed out the good orders vs. the bad. Ruby is one of thousands of call centers… I was just recommending them because I have a few friends using their service and they love it.

And I don’t deny that they are good, however I was playing Devil’s Advocate and voicing a legitimate concern.

I think CallRuby would be great as a “switchboard”, but maybe not so much as a “Customer Service” line, unless you have the big bucks to pay. (I know when I call companies I can easily spend hours on the phone asking questions!!!) :wink:

If I got an 800 # and a service like this, I would want them for…

1.) Accepting registration for upcoming Events

2.) Answering questions about Registering Online or by Phone for those leery of my new company

I would NOT want them to be there to talk about life, or the origins of my company, or to discuss things people can look up themselves on my website (unless I was paying like $20/hour versus $219/hour).

Does anyone else have experience in this area and know of a more affordable, yet professional Call Center option??