California Affiliates Interested in talking to the Press

I have been contacted a California congressman’s office about talking to the press regarding the new “Amazon Tax Law”. I would like to know if there are any other fellow CA affiliates out there who have been affected by the new law, who wouldn’t mind speaking to the press. I don’t believe it will be a high volume of calls, but I am not always available for the press and many of the reporters have deadlines they are trying to meet.

If anyone is interested, please PM me your info


Jason Banks
General Manager,

Local or national press?

Probably a little of both. Most of the press is going to PMA and other trade groups directly, so I don’t anticipate a deluge. But as the momentum builds toward a referendum on the issue, it might be a chance to tell your story.

For myself, we are already looking at moving parts of our business out of California.