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If I want to build a good business website, what I have to do. How I will I choose good developer and what I need to look after?

You can choose a good web developer company through seeing their work done. You should prepare a dynamic website so that you can make changes, and updates to it time to time. The company will provide you admin panel for uploading text, images, videos, and media. It will be good suggestion for your business website.

The main rule for making websites, personal or business- is that websites should be made for humans.

To have a good business site you need to:
0. buy a domain name. Better several most popular extensions to protect your trademark - .com; .net; .org and you local one (us/eu/ etc).

  1. Find a good developer, as suggested above, by checking his/her work examples - preferably by recommendation. Good devs are not cheap.
    1.1. If you would agree to a ready-to-go pre-made template, skip this step. Otherwise, find a good designer.
  2. Find a good host. Server performance is important - your site should be responsive (it matters both for your visitors and for search engines crawlers). Again, good hosting is not cheap. But expensive one isn’t always good as well :wink: So read reviews.
  3. Find a good SEO agency/ contractor. If you want your website to be found in google and rank there well, of course.

Good luck :slight_smile:

What I learned during time is that reference is the best argument to take someone’s services. <snip> are some really smart guys who know how to coach and finally how to build a website from scratch. Recommended!

I agree with dex, you should go with reference. if any of your friend or acquiescence or relative have created or knew about good website developer or developing company approach them. If you don’t have any reference then search for company near by you. Check their earlier work. Give them idea about what sort of website you want to build. Get quotation for it compare with other companies and then take decision. Keep follow up with developer about the progress of your website.

Don’t forget to consider your SEO from the start! Starting a website is a great time to have it optimized, otherwise you will have to go back and do it - which can be somewhat difficult and time-consuming.

Thanks to all who have replied.

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