Business directory/catalogue

Please, help me to find a business directories/catalogues in the USA. I need to find a couple of companies in the USA, but i couldn’t find a popular business directories.

The easiest way to find company information is with LinkedIn or just a google search [company name + corporate office].

While providers like D&B ( list known information on a slice of the market, there’s simply too many “companies” out there to have a single manageable database with any sort of useful information… Thus social and contact database become far more reliable to find where a business is or who works there.

It is not not suitable for me. I need i find list of companies(Construction companies) in NY.

Construction companies are licensed. Find the government agency who gives out their permits and you’ll have your search source.

I need something like craigslist :slight_smile:

It’s always possible that there’s another directory for the industry. You’re looking for something particular and not really connected to web development or webmasters which is of course who you find here so the best shot you have at finding it is to go out and search… Google treats us all the same.

And if you can’t find it, well, you know where the original data lives and maybe it’s a business opportunity?