US Company Database?

Im looking for the best US Company Database i can get, for free would be great, but anything under $100 would be ok too as long as it was really up to date and clean data.

Anyone know where I can find such a database?

Thanks SitePoint

I want to download a database. I want a database to download in sql or csv format or something for an application im building.

Has nothing to do with phone calls

they keep an up to date list of all the newly registered business, but i have to say i have been on both ends caller and callee, cold calling is not the answer go to or mail the business.

Don’t forget hundreds of other people bought the same info you have so they probably already have been contacted by at least 10 other people already. But really its about the best I have found besides Yahoo Local (not YP or Yellowpages)

I am sure if you call them they will hook you up with a package to suit your needs. They are salesman and will try to upsell everything

But I also wanna suggest open source technologies like yahoo developer, Bing and Google API. I am pretty sure all have a local business type search that you can query and manipulate the data to suit your needs.

Not only are the services free, it gives you access to a huge often updated database to build your DB from

ok… i just want a database in excel or sql format to create a website around. I want to buy one an not rely on page scraping or manual data entry.

Thank you very much for your time however :slight_smile: