Good directories to get listed for web-based business

My client is a newly formed web-based company selling games. I normally do SEO work for bricks-n-mortar businesses. Does anyone know any good generic directories for web-based businesses? I normally use and, however I dont think these are relevant to use fo r a web-based business. Business directories require a postal address, however my client doesnt have a postal address as all contact is done by email. thanks.

Look a free directory list here :-

thanks guys. Yes, Im after relevant directories. Ild like quality not quantity. thanks

The only ones worth it are probably DMOZ, Yahoo Directory and BOTW.
Also maybe GoGuides, JoeAnt and Skaffe. Then maybe V7N and Avivia.
(you should be able to Google for their URL’s)

The other zillion of directories are probably not worth it.

Why? ALmost all of them are useless for getting any link juice. Would not waste my time with them.

try some niche directories related to your sites, this one might help: