Building a new marketing tool, opinions are needed!


Hi all!

I am Pavel. Last summer, I got that crazy idea to create a tool that would allow users to shop items that they see in the video/image straight from that video/image. I decided to implement computer vision technology that would analyze any visual content found on the website and then automatically deliver hyper-relevant ads of the products that were detected and available for sale on leading marketplaces, including Amazon, Walmart, eBay, etc.

What do you think about the idea in general? Is it an idea worth trying, in your
opinion? Any comments are appreciated!


i cant think of any time i’ve looked at an image and thought ‘i want to know the price of everything in this image’.

a user is more likely to be interested in one specific item in an image than a wide-spectrum search.

Also, I really dont need a client-side ad delivery mechanism. People are annoyed enough by server side delivery, implementing ad-remover plugins, do you really see people installing a plugin that analyses the content of webpages they visit and gives them more ads?


Undoubtedly, the user wouldn’t see all the ads for every identified object. This image is just for you to get a general idea. The ad choice would be based on the particular user’s search history/interests.

The software would be installed by the websites that partner with me, not the user. This way, websites can have access to the advertisement in previously unused ad slots and advertise relevant to the content products.

Another visual. Doesn’t it fight ad irrelevance problem?

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Quasi-Irrelevant Ad 1 pays me for putting their ad on the website.
Does your ‘intelligent system’ identify items from the image and then actually find a relevant ad that’s going to pay me? How can you guarantee that jacket’s owner is going to pay for having an ad on my site?


We, I mean my company who develops the software, join Affiliate Programs of different marketplaces that pay for advertising their products. Then we share generated commission with the website owner.
We have a website that provides more detailed information; the website is still “under construction.” Any feedback is welcomed. :slightly_smiling_face:

Well that’s not what the video on your website says.
It says it’s going to play my ads. But i don’t make or sell these products you’re identifying.

Why, if it’s my website you’re putting this onto, with my pictures that i’ve selected for my website, do I need an AI to do a contextual analysis of that image? I know what that image is, i selected it for my website.

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Thanks for pointing it out. The combination of words “your ads” is probably a wrong word choice. We meant that it would be ‘your ads’ as it is your content. Should we say our ads instead? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Also, you can still advertise whatever you planned to as we are not occupying any advertising spots you usually use.

Let me walk you through how it works using a simple example. Imagine you posted a photo of a guy taking a picture of a dog, and you intended to advertise a camera that is in that picture. You are free to do it. Our software that would be installed by you, aka our Publishing Partner, would perform in-depth graphic analysis and identify man, his clothes, dog, camera, setting, emotions, brand names, etc. Also, the software would know what that particular user was looking for recently. Based on that information, our software would choose, for example, a detected t-shirt to advertise. It then would connect it to the exact or the most relevant t-shirt that is listed on some marketplace like Amazon, giving your website-user an instant shopping functionality based.

So you’ve got a contract with Amazon that you’ll get money for looking up their products and putting ads up? Because… until you have secured guaranteed income delivery, i don’t see how you’re going to compete.

The theory, sure, sounds good, if I dont care what you advertise in the picture (though… if i intend to advertise the camera, and your software puts an ad for the tshirt up… aren’t you subverting my intent? Why do I want your software to decide to advertise something other than the thing i wanted to advertise?)

You want your software to know what ‘that particular user was looking for recently’… so you’re trying to rely on tracking cookies, yet another google ‘let us track your life’ system to get thrown onto the pile of ‘block this site’…

I honestly see it more as a tool for the website owner to identify potential marketing opportunities, rather than anything helpful to the user. Maybe i’m just the cynic because I detest advertisements and any ad on a website negatively impacts my desire to visit the website it’s linking to. (Yes, i’m part of that segment of the population that is actively DISSUADED by commercial advertising.)

Yes, I did.

We can advertise your camera too using our ad format if you want so, we will provide you with a lot of customization options.

We don’t want to subvert your intent; we want to provide you an extra option for income and more targeted advertising as we would know that the customer was looking for a t-shirt, not the pants. Maybe he already bought a camera, and by advertising both, you’ll have a chance to get a commission from promoting a t-shirt. Or perhaps the customer was so inspired by your picture that he wants to buy both: camera and t-shirts.

Yes, you are right here. But there is nothing we can do with advertising. I believe it will exist anyway. At least with LensAI Technology, it will be hyper-relevant to the content. :grin:

Well no, you’re providing an alternative option, and untargeted advertising from the owner’s perspective (because they still don’t control what you show the user). ‘More targetted’ isn’t… really the right term. More accurate to the picture? maybe. Is it any more user targetted than current we-see-all advertising really? Not… particularly. It’s more targetted to the picture, but… i didn’t click on a camera website because ‘look at that t-shirt!’

I feel it’s more likely you’re diluting the chances of the user clicking on the camera by offering both. Again, maybe I’m just not your target. shrug Have you done any research on user behaviors when offered multiple products vs single? How likely is a user to click on multiple products if offered?

I do believe it’s a more targeted type of advertising as it uses cookies.

Also, we focus on video content too. If you watch a 20 min video and see about three advertisings, all at a different time via free subscription, of course, why not advertise more than one product?

They do, it’s a part of customization settings. They can choose which product categories to display too.

Because existing advertising doesnt use tracking cookies? Sorry, you’re not ahead of the curve on that one.

If I watch a 20 min video and see three advertisements, i’m not watching a 20 min video, i’ve turned it off because the ads have annoyed me away from watching.

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Then there is a commercial-free subscription option.

You’re going to sell people on the idea of paying for ad-free service on random websites?

I wish you the best of luck in your endeavor.

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That’s not what I meant at all.

If you watch YouTube, there is an option to watch videos free, but you will see some commercials, or you can get a commercial-free subscription. That’s how content creators make leaving.

The idea is great, I like it so much, keep doing this, good luck.

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Thank you for your support! :relaxed: