Building a new marketing tool, opinions are needed!

But you’re not pitching this to YouTube.

I pay for YouTube premium because i spend more time on there in a year than i do outdoors. Random website on the internet? If your website tells me “Hi this 20 minute video you clicked on this site you’ve never been to is going to serve you 3 ads, but you can pay 5.99 and skip all the ads!”… I’ve already left the website to find somewhere that’ll give me the same info or content without the annoyance.

If you can actually successfully sell it to YouTube, or Vimeo, or some other major, “People will stay on this site regardless of ads” level site, the option of paying for ads holds value. If it’s Joe Shmoe’s Website Of The Day and i’ve never been there? Bye.


That’s not my intent at all :see_no_evil:

The point is that almost all content websites have ads, don’t they? Advertisements on websites are how Publishers get paid for their efforts. How else they make money?
I feel like it is better to use native advertising than something like invisible to viewers banner ads?

In short, the idea is not bad. How it will be accepted depends on how it is implemented etc.

Most probably your best shot, is hoping to be bought up by one of the big players. The reason I am saying that is due to you will be fighting a uphill battle to hit critical mass. The biggest question is, why should I add this ad service to my website. I.e. what is my gain, and will the gain be worth the annoyance that I possible force upon my visitors.

If we move on to the actual product/service.

From the information presented on your website, it is “shown” as this is supposed to be updated live with a “300ms” shown as the indication on how long it took. Now, I doubt that the system can analyse a frame from a video, and find relevant and accurate products to show ads for in 300ms, but even if it could, by then the video might not even show the same content anymore.

This brings the question, how and when will you show the ads for the user

In addition, since you mention you will base the ads shown on content the user has viewed in the past, basically tracking cookies. How does GDPR or CCPA (and similar as other countries complete their laws for similar restrictions) affect this aspect of the business? Will your product still work if the user has told the website to turn off your tracking cookies?

i think good planing for digital marketing, best of luck…