Please Educate Me!

I find that when I search for something say I wanted to buy Nike’s and then once I’m done with looking at the Nike’s whether I buy them or not on every other site I’m going to I keep seeing Nike’s. I’ve read up on this and I hear it has something to do with the Numerati which is group of online advertisers who watch our moves on line and sell them to advertisers.

So the other day I looked up Photoshop and now I see Photoshop on every ad its like whatever product I look up I’m constantly saying. Who is doing this? Google? How is every site connected by ads to the product I looked at? What type of technology is used to do this? Can I use this technology and information for my website and if so how? Is there anyway to stop this its kind of annoying?!


sounds like some targeted advertising is taking place. probably via cookies.