Building a custom header

I hope a WordPress expert can advise me here,

I’m currently working though the book “Build your own wicked…” and have a question about building a custom header.

I have a header in an osCommerce store I wish to replicate and I have copied the relevant code into header.php and the stylesheet.

All looks ok except it breaks the header into two parts so items which are aligned right are aligned lower than the items aligned left.

reading through the book it mentions that you can simply call another php file in the header.

Would this be a better way to bring the header over?

Your assistance is appreciated.

Sounds like it could actually be a problem with the CSS’ float and width attributes. Maybe… Do you have a link?

Depending on how much WP code your header has in it, it may or may not be ok to import an outside php file. Most of the time it’s ok if it’s a static php site and you’re talking about calling a header, footer or sidebar file. WP functions differently because it’s a framework and CMS (imo).

Anyway, like I was saying, some editing of the CSS could most likely fix your problem.