Brand names and keyword names

Which one will you choose to be your domain name, a brand name or a keyword name? Why do you choose it?

It depends on:

Have you the right to use the brand name (double check this), if not it will have to be the keyword(s).

If you have the right to use the brand you need to do some keyword research, for both branded and non branded terms and establish traffic and some idea of how difficult the term will be to achieve in the SERPS.

Then you can decide on a domain.

In my experience targetting brands, can still be done with a generic unbranded domain name.

Hope this helps.


Sometimes combination of your brand name and your keyword could be used.
In any case you need to remember that better to have COM domain name, better use domain name as short as possible.
And your web site will make your domain name popular and not vice versa.