Video: How important is it to have keywords in a domain name?

Matt cutts recently spoke on the importance of having keywords in your domain name.

YouTube - How important is it to have keywords in a domain name?

What do you guys think about what Matt cutts had to say?

I agree with him that branding is usually a bigger deal than keyword-stuffed URLs … with a caveat. That’s undoubtedly true for seriously big websites, and it’s also true for the sort of sites that attract a kind of cult following, particularly where they don’t have any real product to sell, or when they do it comes as a result of the website rather than being the purpose for it.

But most people aren’t looking that big. Even when you get past the scammers and quick-buck merchants, most people putting a website up there aren’t going to be aiming for the big league. They’ll be happy if they make some money from the site but they are neither expecting nor hoping that it will become a worldwide phenomenon that will revolutionise the internet. And that makes the branding harder. If you’re not a worldwide phenomenon or an established brand, it’s harder to create one online. If people are searching on keywords rather than your site name components, you are potentially putting yourself at a disadvantage, depending on how competitive your niche is.

What he glossed over a little bit, I thought, was the impact that it has when you have a domain name that is obviously keyword-stuffed - which is that a lot of people will assume you are a scammer or spammer, because the website name is just that little bit too eager, too desperate, and they know that most reputable companies don’t behave that way.

Thank you for this video because I wanted a domain name with keyword but now I am going for my own brand name. I think branding is more important than stuffing your keywords in url.