Wordpress and bootstrap

I am searching for a bootstrap theme for wordpress.

Any recommends?

ResponsiveThemes.org has a list of Twitter Bootstrap based themes - worth checking out.

Roots & Pagelines seem to be the more robust of the themes using Bootstrap. I’m trying to build my own theme from scratch using Bootstrap and whenever I finish that, I might make it public (hopefully before the next presidential election.

Roots looks interesting.

I don’t quite get why anyone would want to use Twitter Bootstrap. I’ve never seen a well-coded site that uses the framework. I’ve had to work with it due to the client having taken it onboard before handing the rest of the work to me… All I can say is, what a waste of time.

I think, Bootstrap is a huge time saver when creating a new website.

I would second that. And for sites created using wordpress take a look at- builtwithbootstrap.com