Bootstrap Starter Project


This project is a ready-to-use package to start a Bootstrap 4 project using a solid structure & efficient development tools such as Saas, Gulp, Altorouter, PHP Fast Cache, Twig.

It is based on a clean MVC workflow, and offers a basic HTML/JS/CSS structure with a sticky navbar, a sticky sidebar, a footer always at the bottom of the page.

It includes some Bootstrap 4 PHP Classes to build Bootstrap Navs and Sidebars. The generated elements are rendered with Twig Template Engine

It also uses smart optimization tools such as WebP generator, LoadJs and generates Critical CSS with GULP.

The idea is of course not to have to reinvent the wheel for each project, but also to optimize both the workflow and the final website with the best tools available.

If this project can be useful to you, I am happy to be able to make it available to you; any proposals/suggestions useful for its evolution are of course welcome.

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