Final Project ideas that integrates ChatGpt

I’m undergoing an intensive programming boot-camp over 12 weeks. I learned html,css, js,php, react, laravel and nodejs. I need to do a final project over 30 days. Below are the requirements:

  • Minimum of two user types: admin, user, client, buyer, seller, etc.
  • Push Notification or Email System
  • At least two features from the below list:



Graphs and Charts

Parallax / Animations



Machine Learning Predications

Data-Related Features.

I’m encouraged to pick up on a project that is not related to Web Development, specifically: Mobile Application,Internet of Things, Arduino, AI…

I need some ideas with chatgpt api integrated into them. For example one of my collogues proposed a smart wallet that takes the user salary, goals and based on that will create a customizable plan, it will use chatgpt to give the user advices and push notifications when he/she purchase stuff that exceeds the budget.

Thanks in advance

Have you asked ChatGPT? You can ask it to come up with programming project ideas. Just type “list 30 programming project ideas in PHP” and it will list several project ideas. Even ask it for project ideas that can use ChatGPT as part of the project.

Once you pick one of the ideas, you can even ask ChatGPT for details on the idea.

If you don’t want to do that, you can also check out my ebook for sale which lists 200 project ideas of all difficulties and contains resource links, some tips and tricks to help develop the ideas and more. All can be found on my blog at

End of shameless plug. :wink:

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xD I did but he gave me generic ideas, like a fitness app, news aggregator, personalized assistant with chatgpt integrated in a shallow way, it also gave the financial assistant idea but my collogue took it before me

Well like I said, take one of the generic ideas and ask ChatGPT for more details. You can drill down because ChatGPT remembers what it previously recommended. You can get it to give you really specific stuff.

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You learned 4 major languages and 3 frameworks in 12 weeks? Jeezus.


in a years i learned css and html i need more still:grinning:

Actually the learning phase is 8 weeks and the last 4 are for you to complete the final project. We learn the basics, for example in react we learned 3-4 hooks only. In Js es6 we covered the most important stuff like arrow functions and other concepts. Yea it’s 12-14 hours a day with 1 day off every 2 weeks. The attrition rate is so high, we started 48 and now we are 25.

Try to make an application like a fitness assistant. At the start, a form in which the user fills in height/weight/desired weight, etc. Once you have gathered the user information, integrate the ChatGPT API into your app to provide personalized advice on diet, fitness routines, exercise techniques, and more. He advises not bad training programs, I think he can also make some kind of diet menu.

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