Bootstrap stacking divs

As you can see the slideshow display is divided into two col-md-6 divs. But when the screen size is reduced i want the two divs to sit on top of each other, like the image below. How can I do this and still keep the slideshow?

Many thanks in advance

col-md-6 means that for medium screens and up, it will be 6-grid system.

You need to specify the small/extra small and make it 12.

Something like this.

.col-xs-12 (this will cover xs and sm, then medium will take over)

Thanks for the response, so where would I put .col-xs-12? is this in the original html in the div class?

Yes put it exactly where your col-md-6 is. It’s been a week since I’ve looked at the page but just do what I said.

Apologise for the delay, Christmas and everything.

Fixed, thanks

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