Bootstrap grid system

I am working with bootstrap, and still don’t understand whats the difference between the usage of col-sm, col-xl, col-md, and all of those.
I don’t get what i need to use in order for it to work for everyone
I have read alot of guides and still didn’t understand it.
thanks for the help.

Those are the column grids 12 columns = 100% width of the parent row. So col-sm is for small screens and up, col-md is for medium screens and up (the larger screen size will override the previous. So if you had class=“col-sm-4 col-md-8” then in small screens, that element would be 33% width (4/12 = 33%), and then in medium screens, it would activate the col-md-8 class, and that would be 66% width (8/12=66%).

With this knowledge, revisit those demos you couldn’t understand.

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