Suggestions for free online bookmarking services

Hi all,

An organization I work with is in need of a free online bookmarking service. Diigo and Bookmax are good, but have lots of limitations for free accounts. Furl was long ago eaten by Diigo. Delicious seems to be having problems with its new management. Google Bookmarks is about to lose its lists, and some of our members object to having to log out of their Google accounts and log in under a different account to access the bookmarks. There are others out there, but the ones I’m finding look like their site designs, and by extension their apps, were created around 1997.

We need the site to:

[LIST][]be free
]give us the ability to create dozens of lists (subcategories)
[]give us the ability to store LOTS of links
]be user-friendly and very accessible
[]either have multiple shared accounts or be able to be opened by multiple users using the same account/password
]store cached Web pages (nice, but not mandatory)[/LIST]

We don’t care about having Facebook, Twitter, etc accessibility, and for now we’re not interested in making the links publicly available.

Any thoughts?

Maybe this?

Hmmm, don’t want to have to download anything necessarily, but I like what I’m seeing with XMarks so far. Thanks, FF!

Anyone else?

Anyone ever used Connotea? and [URL=“”] are pretty good.