Booking facility

Hi guys

We have a new site coming up in a few weeks, and its for a night club. We are wanting to do a booking facility where you can book booths.

The club has approximately 10 booths in total. It would basically be the same functionality as what the cinemas offer. Where you can select a seat to watch the film.

And obviously if the seat has already been taken you cannot select it.

Any pointers, tips, tutorials or help would greatly appreciated.




The OP has asked for a solution not for a login script :x

Anyway, Jake i assume you mean something like how ODEON cinema do it where you can book a seat?

If so, what you could do is split the booths into 10 images, like you have said there will only be 10 so you could split them up and have them add a hidden value to a form which you can execute on button click. The hidden value would hold the Id of the booth…

Something on the lines of that… :slight_smile:

Dont worry lol!

We have very very high php developers at this company, they are aware of how to use sessions!

We are just wondering if anyone "technical’ also knows of any good pointers


That needs lot of work. Start with learning how to use sessions in PHP.
Then make a login/logout script.

If I am not mistaken then you would need some payment gateway also. That could be only by some Web Development company.