Bluehost down?

I was trying to view a friends blog and its giving me a server not found error. I know its hosted by BlueHost so I checked Bluehost but I got the same error.

Anyone here using BueHost? Can you confirm if your site is down too?

Never mind it is up now.

You should bookmark this site, it’s useful for things like this:

Most website uptime services (see: Alertra) also have an “instant site check” type feature that will tell you if a site is online.

Thanks for the links. Bookmarked. is good too for seeing if it’s something in your local area/country or if it’s world-wide.

I prefer as well. Lots of nodes doing the checks and a more detailed report.

I agree. However that gives information about web site of web hosting company which as rule hosted on the premium server

Actually, host-tracker doesn’t monitor hosting companies. You can use it to monitor your sites, or to do a quick check on the status of a site.

You may be thinking of, which indeed monitors the host’s site - a rather worthless approach as you pointed out.

I suppose using several tools to monitor the same seb hosting company is the best idea

IMHO if the host can’t even keep their own site online reliably, why would you rely upon them to keep any of their other sites they host online reliably.

While the uptime of the host’s site isn’t a terribly huge deal, I would take it into consideration.

As far as I understand everything OK with their main site. The problems with the blog which is hosted there

I have a website that is host on Bluehost, and it works well , nver happend such thing.

BlueHost have over 1000 separate servers. provides general server status info and provides the opportunity to enter a domain name to check the status of the specific server that it is on.

Never had a problem with bluehost, only with wordpress and some of the plugins. But for the most part bluehost does a good job. Uptime close to 100%.

Thanks for the replies. I will use host tracker too the nest time.

Regarding BlueHost, my friend also said he never had any problem with his blog or host until that day that it can not be access for a whole 15 minutes no matter what computer we use.

That was pretty great website :slight_smile: looks really nice :slight_smile: talking about bluehost does anyone had any issues with bluehost I mean uptime?

Every provider is going to have maintenance windows and occasional downtime - BlueHost is no exception.

Look into their Terms of Service and see if their guarantees/promises fit your needs.