Is this web site down?

Hi from Sunny but cold York UK, &

Its visible on my mobile but not desk, confused :frowning: Begs the question how do you know if a site is really down and your not just looking at a cached version?

Grazie mille,

David. I see both sites and I’ve never been there before so they’re not cached.


Thats great news but so confused why i cant see it :frowning: Is there an objective tool i can use to really know if a site is down or not?

What do you see?

Error message, blank screen with nothing in view-source?

Both links loaded OK for me.

Hi @Mittineague I get the below message, but used
An the aforementioned sites are up!

So if it is just me does this mean its my ISP thats the problem not the hoster?



I get that if my connection drops. But since you’re posting here that can’t be it.

And since some of us get the site OK it can’t be the server is down.

Maybe an “in-between proxy server” thing?

Thanks @Mittineague so confused by this :frowning: The boss keeps asking my how everyone else can see: &

But we cant :frowning:

I don’t know what to suggest, as I can see both sites OK.

Off Topic

Both sites appear to be identical. Wouldn’t it make more sense to redirect one to the other?

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Its ok guys you’ve helpped as much as you can! It must be our ISP what else?

Have you contacted your hosting and explained the issue? I know it’s a business website but are you guys using a 3rd party vendor? THey might be able to offer insight :slight_smile: .

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What browsers have you tried using?
What locations, only the office?

I see aspx and protocol agnostic and relative links.

I’m wondering if it might be some kind of internet vs. intranet conflict.

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Try this:

Or that:

@Nightwing you probably aren’t able to see the website because the server hosting your site has blocked your IP address for security reasons. For example, too many failed login attempts to one of your email accounts, control panel or their security software may be giving false positives which is causing certain activity on your website to be triggered harmful when it isn’t.

Your hosting provider has access to server logs and should be able to check this by searching your IP address in the server logs, etc.

Hope that helps!?

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