Blogging ideas for Real Estate

I need ideas for a Real Estate Blog. I have blogged about the market stats and about new listings and how to increase curb appeal and about local developments but I need something unique. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!

I worked for a real estate agent who set up a blog about the area (not the real estate per say). It was full of info for visitors on sites to see, new residents on schools services etc, as well as posts on festivals and events that people may want to attend.
The site became very popular and with some well placed ads on his blog he got referrals. The site also paid for itself with ads sold to local businesses because he had so much traffic.

Why not write some posts about how to rip people off without their knowledge. It may prove educational for some of your fellow agents. If not, it may give them a few laughs as they gulp down their 6th cup of instant coffee for the day…

Its really hard to think of something unique and at the same time interesting for people to read on that kind of field. But I thinks giving tips and pieces of advice still works out best.

I would suggest going into the target community where you provide real estate services. Interview local businesses and document events. This not only builds your relationship with local store owners by promoting their businesses on your blog but it also gives your reader interesting information about that area. This helps to establish that you are an expert in the community for real estate. You might also get indexed on search engines for keyword phrases related to those businesses. This will help drive traffic to your site but it will also allow you to leverage the positive marketing you are providing the business in return for a link from them to your site.

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I suggest to include the geographic location as well as the good features of your listings.

You may think of covering all real estate related services in full around a particular area only and renters reviews about their owners and vice versa

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I would list some basics for people to be able to gain knowledge on how to find and value real estate. Many people are clueless and dont know what they are doing. Maybe an a,b,c,d guide on things to look for in a new purchase.


Building inspections – How to become a building inspector, Why you need one…
Renovations – What does/doesn’t increase selling value, Easy renovations…
Renting – Why buy rather than rent, How to rent your basement apartment…
Condo Fees – What are they, What do they pay for

It really depends on your target audience. Think about which groups of people you are targeting. It may be buying foreclosures, short sales, condos, etc. There’s a ton of niches in real estate.

Once you have that figured out then go use the google keyword tool and start plugging in keywords to see what people are searching for. Then check to see how competitive the words are and write articles around the ones that are less competitive.

Just like any blogging ideas, you should take those that are currently being used by real estate. The tools, software, marketing techniques, hot materials and home decorations, etc.

If you have new ideas for people, then you can earn more traffic. Or if you have an old idea but it is a hot topic for real estate, then you still have enough traffic interested in reading that.

This is a good idea. I would definitely read a real estate blog that had info about the community and community events. It shows you have more knowledge on the property than dimensions and style of home.

Tips and advice on what remodling projects to do to increase value would be good to know. kinda like the diy network where they would show you if you added a bathroom with certain features it would up the value 8%