Blog Commenting Suggetion

Hi everyone,

Please let me know which option is right for blog commenting

  1. Using keyword in name section with website URL in homepage section.

  2. Using keyword hyper-linked with website URL in Comment section.

Or else if there is any other technique, then kindly suggest me.

None of them.

Blog comments are for discussing the blog post, not for spamming with your rubbish links.

Blog commenting as an SEO tactic is a bad idea. It doesn’t help your search rankings. Doing it the way you’re proposing can actually hurt them. Just use your name in the name field and your website URL in the homepage field.

Commenting on blogs does have it’s place, it’s just no longer effective for SEO. It can however, be effective for generating traffic, growing your presence in your niche, and developing relationships with other bloggers.

I would stay clear of trying to get your links in comments and stick to what has been suggested - use comments to increase your presence & build relationships. Your comments will probably get deleted or not authorised anyway.


Most reputable blogs will have links in comments marked as nofollow anyway, so if your sole purpose is to gain backlinks, that’s another reason why you’d be wasting your time.

In blog commenting dont use the same content for all the website , once if you are posted its called Spam. i get blog commenting links from .com , .in, .edu, .gov . Its effective method in Search engine optimization.

Actually there are several ways

3 <a href=“”>;/a&gt; it can be used it will called naked url.

4 <a href=“”>Read More/</a> a href=“”>Click here/</a>

5 Make half and full line with anchor text

Blog commenting is a bad idea for SEO as it is only for discussing the blog post and sharing your views.
Even if you put your link in the comments then good websites treat them as nofollow link.

Blog owners are not stupid. Everyone knows why majority of people do blog commenting. If you use keywords or put links on your comments, your comment might not get approved. The owner would know you’re plainly leaving a backlink. Well, unless you’ve put up a really good comment that it can reflect you’ve read the details of the post you’re commenting on. But then again, the chance of getting approved is low. Better use your name, or try to check the names of the approved comments. See if there are those who have used keywords or brands. If there is, then you can try your luck.

Comment without link to your name and you can put URL in your comment section.

posting your URL under your keywords can make you a spammer but if you want to do for SEO purpose then it’s not a very good idea. just make it simple buddy, post your homepage URL in the homepage url section and your name in the name section there is no need to stuff you keyword in your name section. And try to make your commenting effective and i suggest you commenting on the blogs having related content to your website will help you more. If your commenting is strong and effective people will visit your website otherwise if you do these kind of activities like posting your keywords in name section blah blah blah… will give you a name that i.e, SPAMMER.

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