What is blog commenting ? what are the benefits of blog commenting

what is blog commenting ? what are the benefits of blog commenting? is it a source of getting link?

Those are pretty basic questions, and I’m surprised you couldn’t find the answers with a quick Internet search.

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what is blog commenting ?
[/quote]Exactly what it says - responding to a blog post with a comment on that post.

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what are the benefits of blog commenting?
[/quote]Broadening the discussion and exchanging ideas.

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is it a source of getting link?
[/quote]No. (And with a link to an SEO company in your profile, I’m surprised you even need to ask.)

Google pays little attention to links which you can place yourself - those it describes as “not editorially vouched for”. https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/66356?hl=en In addition, it recommends that blog owners mark such links as “nofollow”, which effectively means that search engines ignore them. That’s assuming your comment isn’t simply deleted as Spam, which it may well be if your main intention in posting is to link-drop. After all, that’s pretty rude behaviour: it’s like interrupting a conversation shouting “Look at me! Look at me!”

If your comment is especially interesting or helpful, it’s just possible you may get a few people checking out your link, but that’s about all.


thanks for sharing knowledge. i was asking bcoz i have doubt on blog comment are mostly no-follow. but now i understand. Thank you

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Just go to this link. you will learn everything about blog commenting…

In my opinion, blog commenting is a great tool of SEO activity for website promotion. It’s a really good source of diverse links back to your domain. Its main goal is to drive traffic to your website.

Blog commenting is when you comment on someone else’s blog with the appreciating their post,promoting yourself, discussing or for SEO purposes like backlinking.

Blog commenting is a part of off page submission. It give good back linking of your website and good ranking of your website.

The main purpose for commenting on blogs is to share your ideas, develop a relationship with the authors in your niche, to gain their respect, and boost your reputation.

If you can manage to do that, by following the tips in the article @TechnoBear linked to, maybe, just maybe, you may be rewarded with some positive attention by the author, in the form of linking out to you in a future article, if your content catches his eye and is relevant to something he is writing about.

That’s great for SEO, but all the comments it took to get to that point are not.

Bottom line: When done right, it’s a lot of hard work and seldom has any real payoff toward increasing the traffic to your site. Comment on blogs if you enjoy it, but find other easier, more effective means of boosting traffic.

The exception to this is when someone writes about your product. You really should comment on the article to thank them if it’s a positive review, clear up any confusion they might have had about your products, and constructively respond to any negative criticism found in either their article or in their readers’ comments.

You really should have Google Alerts set up to notify you of any mentions of your website or products, to enable you to do this in as timely a manner as possible. You don’t want to comment 3 years later.

But that falls under the category of customer service and/or public relations, and not traffic building, marketing, or SEO…

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