Big changes in this site

I’ve been away from Sitepoint for maybe 15 years. A lot has changed since I last used this site. I could no longer see my previous posts, no marketplace, probably the site changed a forum software?

Welcome back @guapwong. 15 years is a l-o-n-g time.

Yes, the forum uses Discourse now.


Many of the old threads were imported from vBulletin, but some of the very oldest were not. Can you remember your old username?

That had gone before I joined in June 2011. smile

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I’m not sure, it was probably Jeffrey or Jeffreyw

I’m not surprised you couldn’t see your old posts if you don’t remember your username! lol

Is this you?

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Yes, that’s me. Thanks. Owww, so what I’m using is not the old account. I used the same email when I logged in, I had to change the password first though.

No, you didn’t. smile

I need to go out briefly, but I’ll PM you when I get back to try and sort things out for you - unless somebody else can do it in my absence.

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