Things are soo much changed.. Probably new and hence difficlult to understand

I just didnt liked my username change from SaN-DeeP to SaN_DeeP.

Rest all things can be learned in few hours though…

The new version of sitepoint, though being on my password manager was not identified and had to reset things (probably due to change ?) shouldnt happen as domain is same…

Hello again from an old user. :smile:

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I am missing many of my old topics… is there anyway to recover same ?

A lot of the old topics were archived - they are still accessible but not a part of the current forum. I had over 8000 posts of my earliest posts that were archived. The assumption is that posts over a few years old were unlikely to be referred to frequently enough to need to load them all into the new forum.

Username changes were only applied where a username contained characters not allowed in usernames in the ‘new’ (now about two years old) forum.


Welcome back :wave:

I’m sorry that you didn’t like the change in your username. There are certain characters that Discourse doesn’t allow in usernames so they had to be changed when imported to this new platform.

As @felgall says, many of the previous topics/threads were archived. I assume that your password manager would have trouble login you in automatically because Discourse (this platform) is so very different to vBulletin!

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thankyou @felgall Sir, appreciated.
A few topics if can be found on old site(s) if possible will be helpful and save me many hours.
It was some solutions i requested in past…

If not possible, I will start again fresh…

If you knew the ID of the thread, I might be able to give it a try. Looking for words or particular threads is a real pain because the old vBulletin has lots of redirects to Discourse so more often than not, you’re redirected to the new forum

Thank You @molona.
Appreciate quick reply…
I am completely unsure about ID of those topics… but those where related to .htaccess configurations.

I just do not recollect the right syntax for same and hence searched for same…
Also was more interested in my task management list topic, if you can get it, please Private Message me… do not post here… (request)

@SaN_DeeP, if you want to use SaN-DeeP, I can make that happen. Not sure why it wasn’t kept that way, but it is allowed.

Let me know (either via PM or what not, once you do, I’ll make the change and you’ll want to logout and log back in)

I’ll see what I can do but that’s a large spectrum you’re giving me here

Isn’t hyphens in usernames a new thing? I didn’t think it was allowed originally.

@SaN_DeeP — all of your old topics will be somewhere. For those that didn’t get ported across, you could google your old username along with “sitepoint” etc.

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Could be. That does sound familiar, so altering it now is definitely possible (I semi-tested it)

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I had some idea I red recently that extra characters in usernames have been introduced. I reckon in this case I’d just lose the gap altogether, but it’s up to @SaN_DeeP. :slight_smile: (SaNDeeP?)

It’s trendy :slight_smile:

O my! I’ll have to tell my kids Puppy-joy and Kitty-fun about this!


Thanks for replies guys.
Username really doesnt matters :smile:
But quality users and there support.

I will do needful to search my old posts, if possible.

Will also share some of my thoughts/suggestions for improvements… as I get some spare time :slight_smile:

Try this URL

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