WP Plugin best for galleries and customization

I’m looking for a WP plugin best for galleries and customization. Either that or a minimal CMS best for images and galleries. Any suggestions? Presumably the popular WP plugin for galleries is NextGen. Is that really the best?

WordPress, especially version 2.9, has most of the features gallery plugins provided built in now. Image uploading, thumbnailing and gallery creation are all part of the platform itself. It’s more about choosing a nice theme to display it all now.

Well, I think I’m abandoning NextGen Gallery and I’m looking further into the functionality built into WP. I’m having some issues with it regarding thumbnails.

I’ve uploaded an image to the media library that has the wrong thumbnail size created. I uploaded another image that now has the correct thumb size generated. I’m not sure how that happened. I’m also not sure how to edit the thumb of the image. I’ve selected a dimension but it does not allow me to save it. Anyway, is this a common problem and is there documentation on this issue? Thanks