Best Web Design Software for Magento Ecommerce

Hi, I’m new to Site Point and web design and am wondering what is a good web design software to design a magento ecommerce store. I’m looking for something around $50.

Good for you :slight_smile: Just try it out and you will see if it fit your needs otherwise an older version of Dreamweaver is not a bad idea, although those versions, as I understand it, don’t have support any longer. Goodluck with the evaluation

After looking around, I’m going to try a 21 day free trial of PHPdesigner 7 because it’s able to code PHP (and others), which I"m going to need in Magento.

Pm me if you will find some.

What others could you recommend, and could I buy an older version of Dreamweaver CS2 for a lower price.


Welcome to Sitepoint forums. If you are new to Webdesign I think a HTML editor with design view possibility, like Dreamweaver, would be ideal for you. But unfortunately, that is way more expansive than the $50 you would like to spend. There are other options available ofcourse. I suggest browse the sitepoint forums because there are quite some posts covering this subject.