WP for ecommerce

Which plugin do you recommend for ecommerce solution for WordPress?
If you have some experience, know pros and cons of any ecommerce wp plugin please let me know.

Hi! If you are going to create powerfull selling platform I suggest you to use shopping cart, but if you just want to add eCommerce plug-in I offer you WP ecommerce. It is popular among WP CMS users

Take a look at shopperpress I’ve look at a bunch of them and hands down I think this is the one.

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Please help me too.

Type into search engines: wordpress shopping cart plugins

You will find several. Than look thru them and decide which ones might be the best for your application.

Thanks for your response, my site is about web site design and with persian Language

How Can I use this plugin in persian?

It is generally better to start your own thread rather than to try in another member’s thread.

But in this case, as SitePoint is an English forum, that might not help much either.

shopperpress is good, used it in te past to build a site for a customer and was reallt happy, however many free plugins are good out there, just a quick search on wordpress.org and you are done

there are a number of WordPress plugin for eCommerce.
1>WP e-Commerce shopping cart plugin
2>Quick Shop plugin for WordPress
3>paypel plugin for wordpress and many more

The Shopp plugin for WP is excellent, powerful and easy to use. I’ve had the pleasure of using it on a couple projects and I’m very impressed with it. Read about it here: http://shopplugin.net/

I guess it’s best to try and meaure each one up to see which is best for your needs. ie some accept only paypal, some accept google checkout and some offer pro membership to accept other methods of payments.

six revisions ( one of my fav sites ) gives a good insight and some good reviews here:

Top 5 Excellent E-Commerce Plugins for WordPress hope that helps

WP e-Commerce shopping cart plugin is good you may use that one…

A list of helpful word-press plug-in for e commerce are

  1. WP e-Commerce
    2.Quick Shop
  2. Live-Shopping
  3. YAK For WordPress
    6.ArePayPal 1.7.3
    7.Paypal Shortcodes Plugin
    8.WP Auctions