Best way to link Wordpress to main site

Hi guys,

I’ve done some searching on this subject (on sitepoint and wordpress forums), but haven’t turned up what I’m looking for yet. Apologies if i have missed it.

Basically I would like to add a Wordpress blog to my existing site. I’d like to keep my header and footer so it looks like just part of the site.

I’m with Godaddy hosting and they offer a direct download - so far i have downloaded Wordpress, but am having trouble linking to my site.

The url page on my site ready for the blog is currently

If i type this address as the destination during installation of WP it won’t link. Infact, the blog stops looking like a blog if i end it in .html. If i end with just /wpblog, it installs and works as it should - but not a part of my site obviously.

I’m sure I’m missing something so basic, but can’t see it yet:blush:

Thanks for any pointers:)

All I can suggest is change the host!


Exactly the same problem I had also with GoDaddy and WP as a blog for a directory. I quit it and I would appreciate an answer also. :slight_smile:

I’m wondering if we should leave the url input blank so it downloads to the root dir. I’m just worried
it will overwrite my whole site if i do!

Hopefully someone has done this to shed some light. :slight_smile:

I might not be understanding the problem, but shouldn’t you be installing WP into a directory i.e. ? If you want to keep the styling the same, then you’ll have to amend the WP theme.

Hi hooperman,

Yeah, thats what i tried first, but must of goofed somewhere as it didn’t work. I’ve just uninstalled it and am starting again. I’m at the stage where it’s asking which folder to place it in.

Will go with and point towards it again. Maybe i missed out a / or something, will see how it goes this time round.


Yep, working now:D

Takes couple of seconds for the page to load in, is that normal?

Otherwise, yes just a case of styling it now.


Maybe it’s kind of temperamental as it worked second time round for me. If you get stuck gimme a shout.

It can do, depending on what plugins you’re using and also your server’s performance.

Glad you got it sorted though :slight_smile:

It’s most probably your plugins or themes. Keep it simple

In your wp-admin > settings > general. Did you set your WordPress address (URL) to be different than the Blog address (URL)?

That can sometimes mess up things if you have done this. It sounds like what you may have done.