Adding a Wordpress blog to a static website

Hi everyone,

A complete Wordpress newbie here. I’m currently designing my own website which is static and I want to put Wordpress to a subfolder to use it as my blog page so basically it needs to be in the format of [noparse][/noparse] with my static home.html being the homepage. I already downloaded the WP but I haven’t set it up on my WAMP server yet. I have my root folder called “root” and inside of it I have home.html, contact.html, about.html, css, image, javascript folders etc. I created a folder called “blog” in my root folder and inside of the blog folder I put the wordpress folder. However I don’t want my link to look like [noparse][/noparse] so my question is should I:

  • Put the wordpress in the root folder or the blog folder?
  • Just put the wordpress in the root folder and rename the folder wordpress as “blog”?
  • Or keep the blog folder I created, don’t upload the wordpress folder in blog folder, but instead put everything in the wordpress folder in my blog folder.
    Will I face more complications for putting WP in the root folder instead of the subfolder?


You don’t need to create any folder in your root. Just install wordpress on your server and click on the blog option instead of “main” while installing. This will keep your website static as it is and will give you a blog as <snip/>

Yes, installing WordPress won’t compromise anything, just try it and see how will things work out.

I have tried this in the past. It has been a long time. However, it caused me two problems. The first problem was minor. The blog section of my website did not look exactly like the main section. I struggled with formatting issues. However, the other problem was more concerning. My web hosting service, for some reason, did not like the inconsistencies. There was a directory in my file manager which was designated, “blog”. I don’t remember why, but they said that they could not continue to host me sites unless I deleted the directory. I don’t know exactly why, but i went ahead and deleted it, and went entirely with WordPress.

Well what I ended up doing was I copied all the contents in the wordpress folder, created a folder called blog and pasted them over there. What you went through is weird though, after all the technique I use is being used by many people without problems. You said you tried that a long time ago, I’ll try it myself and see what happens.