Wordpress installed in subdirectory mistakenly

I am new to all this, so please answer in easy language, i means please consider my guy having little programing knowledge
so, i just bought hosting and i got fantastico in my cpanel, when i installed wordpress through that. it got installed in subdirectory(blog). I have nothing on my website, it was just bought, means i dont have any static webpage or anything else. I thought to use only wordpress and to make site with some wp theme. please tell me in which way i can see my blog on simple address like www.something.com , i was told to point it to root directory by coping index.php and editing it. i have gone through that forum in wp site but not sure if it will work. my site is new and i just installed wordpress only. i have no plan to make any static pages except using wp themes for site. is deleting and reinstalling the only option?
i am sorry for this essay type question.
thanks for reading

Far too many posts with the same basic question. :eek:

Which do you want: the blog in your root or in the /blog/ section? You seem to be swaying from one to the other. If the blog is your whole site, upload the files to the root. If you want the blog as a section of your site, upload to a directory called something like /blog/. If you’ve put the files in the wrong place, might be best to delete and start again.

I agree. If you don’t have any content, it’ll only take a few minutes to delete the install and start again.

Now you know where not to put it, I hope you have more luck getting it installed where you want it.

I agree. If you’re just starting you’re luckier than most as it will be practically nothing to reinstall it to where you want it.

Another thing to consider in some depth is the type of URLs you’ll want. A lot easier to get them right at the start than trying to change later.

And don’t worry about reinstalling. If WordPress sticks true to it’s history you’ll be upgrading frequently and be an old pro at it in no time taking it in stride. Luckily it now has “auto-upgrade” to make things a lot easier. No need for lengthy FTP sessions if you don’t want to.

Wordpress has a notoriously easy install - do not sweat the small stuff. Simply re-upload it, it might take away five minutes but it will save you a lot of stress. No harm done. :slight_smile: