Best way to convert WordPress site to static html site using Bootstrap framework

I have been searching for an answer for a few days now. My client wants to convert his WordPress site into a static site because the plugins that are being used (actually turned off because we are not using them) are breaking the site in iPads using Safari and Chrome. The WordPress theme is BuddyBoss but the BuddyPress and bbPress plugins are not being used. I deactivated them and that is what broke the site. He just wants it in a static site now. The forums being used now are separate (phpBB), so that will not be affected. I tried using HTTrack but the theme itself has a lot of unnecessary crap plus all the JavaScript seems to be in the header section and not the footer section. So just copying and pasting the HTML code into a new page using Bootstrap 3 framework seems like a daunting task. I did give him a timeframe of a couple of weeks to convert it so that I could figure out the best way to handle this. There are a couple of plugins I found. One hasn’t been updated in over 2 years and the other has a very bad rating. The site is Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated since I am not looking forward to coding the entire site from scratch just to make it static and responsive with Bootstrap 3.

I took a look at the site and to be honest their isn’t a whole lot there. I would just start from scratch. Besides for the subscription form all of it is static anyway.

Having said that why not just fix the plugins and share the fixes back to the community. Do you not know PHP? Seems like an awful lot of work that could be prevented if you were to just fix the plugins. There isn’t much there anyway.

Sorry, I don’t know PHP enough to completely re-write everything in the plugins. The problem is that when the buddypress and bbpress plugins that are not being used are deactivated, the navigation at the top of the page breaks for iPads only on Safari and now Chrome. Dropsdowns stop working. Plus I do have a plugin for security and it warns me when unauthorized people sign up for the site itself. We took away the ability to sign up for the site. We only want them to sign up for the forums. I know how they are getting around this, so when I am notified, I go in and delete them. With a static site, I don’t have to worry about the main site having this problem.

The main point of this post is to see if there is something out there that can help me convert this site to static and use Bootstrap or am I going to have to code the site completely in HTML and CSS using the Bootstrap framework.

Na, just rebuild it from scratch.

Why not take a look at the latest version of b2evolution. The latest beta version is built on Bootstrap and is imminently due for a stable release. In case you weren’t aware, b2evolution and Wordpress were both forks of b2, though they’re very much separate products now. I’ve got an evaluation copy of the beta running at the moment and it’s looking very good. As soon as it goes to a stable release, I’ll be moving my blog onto it.

The real question is why introduce even more complexity for something so simple. I mean the website is pretty much static with the exception of the subscription form. You haven’t even recommended a fix for the underlaying problem just suggested an alternative forum solution which is not the problem.

My experience with it is that it takes around 3 minutes to install, there is a migration tool to import the Wordpress data straight in, from there, it should just be a matter of skinning it to an appropriate look & feel - it’s already built on Bootstrap. In my mind that seems simpler than re-coding the site from scratch. There’s no particular issue in presenting it as if it were a static site if that’s what’s required, but it leaves flexibility for the future. Just an option…

I have started the process of just re coding the entire site using Bootstrap. What chrisofarabia suggested is not what I am looking for. The only thing that won’t be touched is the forums.They are separate from WP and have their own database and currently have no issues with any mobile device.

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