I want to make my wordpress page static, but

I’t to make my wordpress page static without plugin like copying entire source code and pasting it into .html or .php page instead it shows code in the frontend & not the design in home url

You already have a complete static page rendered in the browser. :slight_smile:

To save the page you see in the browser: Press Ctrl+S and choose “Complete Page” and where on your computer you want to save it.

The browser will save the static HTML and then create a directory where it will save the resources that was loaded with the page, e.g. CSS flies and Javascript files and images.

The browser will rewrite the links in the HTML to point to the resources in the directories it created on your computer.

The Wordpress server uses its dynamic templates to output code to the browser as html. That is the “source” page rendered in the browser. Then the browser fetch resources that are linked to in the HTML it has received from the server.

If you want to look at the HTML code, just press Ctrl+U in the browser. There you can find out where the resources loaded by the page is located on the WP server by reading the links in the HTML.

You may want to replicate the locations the resources were loaded from and edit the links in the HTML to point there to load them.
Or you could save the page from the browser but now choose the “HTML Only” option in order to load the resources directly from the WP server instead.

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