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I made this site in wordpress How can i convert in php

I’m not sure what you are asking.
Wordpress is PHP based, so the site is created in PHP.

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You could copy your site into html using something like This would give you the basic site in html and with the css.

You would then need to rebuild any database and database calls you may have. for instance products or photo galleries.

The above is untested.

EDIT: One thing to remember is Wordpress pages are a mess and to be honest it may be better to just start from scratch. Especially as your template is not that complicated.

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Adding onto what @Rubble said, most of it is based on logic. If you understand basic logic on how PHP works, you should be ok. The only hard part I would say is thinking about security more wisely. Should a regular visitor be able to delete a photo at will? Are you trying to make it so only you can add and delete photos? The big question is, where are you going to start? Where you start, you have to think about security. PHP isn’t a language where you’re safe from attacks. Most WordPress sites get attacked daily. On my personal website, it’s been sniffed for WordPress installation multiple times. Though the bots really can’t do anything since I don’t use WordPress. I also take proper precautions so if they were to try and log in, they would need to have a legitimate account and a 2FA key. I already got like a lot of log in attempts, but since those accounts don’t exist, those 2FA keys are never sent. Thus making those log in attempts useless.

The above statement is confusing. Do you want to rewrite all pages using PHP?

I have recently converted a WordPress home page to be AmpProject compatible. If you are interested I will outline the necessary steps.

The hamburger menu is not working using Ipad mini 2. Considering about 60% of traffic usually comes from mobiles it seems well worthwhile to fix the error.

I am curious to know why you wanted the site converted.

Also you may consider keeping the existing WordPress site and introduce A/B Testing where B is a mobile Amp page.

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