Drop down navigation menu

Hello people

I want to add a drop down navigation menu to my site any ideas how I can do that, I want to learn how to code it so a link to a tutorial would be helpful. I’m assuming I have to use Javascript but can it be done in html because I don’t know how to code in Javascript.

Thanks for your help and time.




I suggest you a nice website about javascript… a menu is easy to be implememnted also if no big experience go to check http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex1/

Stu Nicholls does nice dropdowns.

Be aware of Javascripted menus… you will need to make sure the menu can also work when there is no JS present on the client side.

I’ve been partial to the dropdowns I first learned Clean Code on:

However there is a little trip-up on that site:

They use the popular Suckerfish JS to make IE6 dropdown (which is almost always required for IE6 and dropdowns, with 2 exceptions I know of), but the CSS code is written in such a way that if you, say, chose to use some other way to make IE6 hover (like Peterned’s csshover), and remove the JS from the <head>, IE7 also stops hovering. So to use the HTMLdog dropdowns, you’d need to add a line like

#nav a:hover {
visibility: visible;
or some comment like that which doesn’t visually change anything but makes IE “see” the hover itself.

Second thing I’d send your way is Jakob Nielsen’s alertbox about Mega dropdowns: http://www.useit.com/alertbox/mega-dropdown-menus.html