Best Resonably Priced Development Team

I’m getting tired of doing development/programming and design work for my websites.

Does anyone want to suggest a company (one that you yourself do not work for) who has done great work for you in the past.

I need a company that is
100% proficient in PHP
100% proficient in design
can create seo friendly urls
and who’s projects are reasonably priced

Any help would be much appreciated.

Glad we can help, I know Im not giving you the exact answer to your questions. To be honest I myself dont know many companies out there from a personal level. The company I work for does what your saying, we build applications for clients. There is one company I have dealt with, they seem decent. Dont know their prices though and they outsource:

I swear this is one of the nicest forums, I really appreciate the polite and intelligent discourse.

Im a member at some forms that I cringe whenever I see “Someone has replied to your post”. Haha

I really appreciate your input Sillysoft, I might just buy an add, im not a cheapo, it’s just hard to guage how professional a company is just by viewing their portfolio, and I’d hate to drop $5K on a project just to find out I could have done it better, and faster, for free.

Thank You Guys, any more feedback greatly welcomed.

That is possible mr earth

Im not wanting someone to do a job, im wanting people to suggest a firm that they have worked with and been happy with. Thats all.

Shouldn’t this type of thing be in Sitepoint’s marketplace?

Why not post on Craigslist? What your asking for seems very easy to me. SEO friendly urls are simple. Im just not a graphics designer to make those high end designs. My company outsources that.

Ehh… the design work isn’t that good. Looks very 2003-2004

The PHP coding uses cms systems like zencart and the urls are not seo friendly, some are almost but have session id’s in the url to track the user.

I appreciate the input Immerse, I’m looking for something a better.

Sounds more than reasonable to me. Good luck.

Ok, just thought an ad can get you a better price than asking for biased referrals here on Sitepoint. (I dont mean that in a bad way) I myself have been developing in php for over 10 years now and work full time myself as a php developer. My experience is you get the best prices when firms are bidding for your business. But anyway good luck in what your looking for!

I’ve developed around 100 or so projects using php and mysql, seo and all that jazz, i work full time now, and would just like to find a firm that can create the projects for me and make them look nice. That way If they fail i’m just out some $ and not a month of my time you know. Plus my graphic design skills blow.

And of course I trust the people of sitepoint to give me a good referral. I don’t want to place an ad.

Thank you for replying Sillysoft

Yes Im in the USA, ill contact the site and get a quote. Looking at their portfolio now.

Anyone else?


What’s your location? That might help a little.
If you’re in the US, try, I love 'em.