In need of precautions and advice before hiring web programmers

I’m thinking of hiring someone to help me with a little project (I guess it would take a well seasoned PHP programmer about half a day, that’s my definition of small) but first I need advice from some who have experience (first timer here).
My budget is about $30 to $40.

Where is the best place to advertise for such a small project? I’ve seen and If I were to post my budget, it wouldn’t attract attention… are there any suggestions that would fit my bill? I’ll throw in the fact that I can only pay via PayPal if it helps.

Looking forward to advice, thanks.

1 st u describe ur project in more detail.then only any one can help u.

a well-seasoned php programmer, spending half a day for $30-40 ???

maybe half an hour, but certainly not half a day

abay, I just want general advice on hiring.

Okay, I’ll give a little info about the project. I’m trying to make a page for something similar to the LEGO MINDSTORM robots. Search for your parts, add it to the “shopping cart” or the robot you’re making. The “cart” should display total weight of the robot, max speed, battery usage etc… which is calculated as a total, as you add your body parts (consisting of head, torso, arms and legs).

The database containing information of all parts are set up. All I need is the programmer to write a script to do this calculation (is it just a bunch of session variables? I don’t know…). Then I need a gallery to display all the user builds that are submitted into the database (I think I have enough PHP muscle to handle some parts of this) I plan to allow comments and ratings.

How long would you think this would take?

As your budget is quite less so i suggest you to use your personal contacts for hiring people.

What you are describing is certainly going to take more than a half-day. Simple… Normally when someone who has no idea what they are talking about describes a project as “simple” it means the opposite. Most professionals make your budget in a half-hour – hour worth of work depending on experience, skill, politics, company, etc. Not to mention the description is pretty vague from a functional stand-point. Its hard to say without ALL the details but it sounds more like a week+ of work (depending on details and quality of work that has already been done). None the less, the budget is not adequate to expect quality work. Even though you may think its quite simple due to the number of pages (one) the entire thing sounds fairly complex and customized to a specific need. Not to mention the database design may be a nightmare or inadequate to achieve the functionality you seek. Sounds like a custom content management of parts and user interface to build things which will likely be a large task to get right not only from a programmatic point of view but usability/design also. Again depending on the details sounds more like $1000+ worth of quality development. Most likely a couple days are going to be needed for sorting out all the necessary functional requirements into programmatic, concrete tasks and understanding the work that has already been done.

It ain’t going to happen.

What you’re asking is for a professional PHP developer with commercial-quality skills to take a severe paycut to create your program. Would you ask a plumber to work for cheap because he’ll be working on your toilet? Would you ask an accountant to work for cheap because your business is similar to others?

To put it bluntly, evaluate what you believe a coder is worth per hour (keep in mind that these are often educated people with decent earning potential), get an estimation on how much time it’ll take to complete, double it, and there’s your price. Why not get a quote from a professional developer? They’re more often than not more than happy to quote you if they think they’ll get a gig out of it.

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Remember, that you always get you pay for. So if you’re looking for a quality output you need to invest and spend something for that.

Good luck in your search then. :slight_smile: