Best online resource for learning Adobe Creative Suite?

Hi, I am interested in learning all about Illustrator, Photoshop, and Fireworks/Dreamweaver. There are SO many tutorial websites out there that have a yearly subscription…which one is the best? What do you recommend? I want to go with a solid tutorial training (it doesn’t matter if it requires me to pay money, as long as it is worth it!)

Thanks for the help!

Ryan has a strong reputation, so probably is a safe bet. :slight_smile:

Layers Magazine is very good. I’d also check some of the tutorials on vimeo as they have quite a few highly sophisticated tutorials and walkthroughs there.

maybe this cal help you

This place has podcasts, forums, articles and tutorials on a large array topics in vfx and design. You’ll find information on all of the programs you mentioned and more. There are also links to other sites that deal with these topics as well.