Learning Flash & Illustrator

Hi Guys,

I have just signed up at Lynda.com so that I can learn Flash Pro - I do all of my Graphic Design in PS / AI but want to take things in a slughtly different direction. Just wandering if anyone here has used Lynda to learn Flash and if so, was it any good???

I will keep this thread updated with how I find it and I plan to keep track of my progress on one of my blogs (I have quite a few design realted websites and hard to decide which is the best fit


Paul H

Hi Paul. It would be good to hear how you go with this. I don’t have much experience with Lynda, but it seems to have a good reputation.

I just downloaded some lynda.com tuts before when I was starting learning graphics but not for flash tuts I only tried Photoshop , and I can say lynda.com interactive tuts is really good I think it’s worth to subscribe as a member… good luck!

I’ve used Lynda.com to learn a number of applications. Not Flash, but Illustrator, Final Cut Pro, After Effects, basic WordPress development, and a couple of other things over the years. I’ve found the courses to be extremely helpful and got me quickly into new pieces of software that I sometimes had little or no previous experience with.

So I suspect that their Flash courses are just as good as the rest of their stuff and should work well for you.