Best Method for Video Popup on page load?

Hi guys n girls,

I have a video (currently in mp4 format - 20.1MB) that i want to put on my home page.

I want the video to popup automatically once the page has loaded but also have a feature to close the popup video box easily for any visitors that do not want to see it.

Can anyone tell me what the best way to go about this would be… for example should i use jquery etc…

On a side note… I have Camtasia Studio 8 - could this be used in anyway to produce some of the code for the popup?

Much thanks in advance.

You dont need jQuery for something that simple, just use css and a javascript and youre done. Check this for reference:

The easiest way to do this imo is to use the bootstrap modal feature (responsive lightbox with close buttons). The modal will contain the video player and you can customize the close buttons and anything else.

You can easily embed the mp4 video via


It would be even easier to embed youtube videos or any site that lets you embed if you wanted to do that as well (Just grab the embed code under the video under share on youtube).

An example of the easy to implement bootstrap modal can be found here: