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I am looking for JS that I can’t find here you have perhaps a jpg screen shot that looks like a video but when clicked it open the video in a popup window with an “X” in the right corner to close it.

Any help would certainly be appreciated.

Thank you.

This link about iFrames and JavaScript may be of interest:

SitePoint Topic

> [**Online Demo**](https://johns-jokes.com/downloads/sp-d/how-to-call-an-iframe-from-javascript/_pullo_002.php)
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In addition to what John says, you might want to look at a library like Colorbox. To see Colorbox in action, visit this page, then click on the “Flash / Video (Iframe/Direct Link To YouTube)” link.

If your video isn’t hosted on YouTube or Vimeo, it wouldn’t be hard to modify the script to point to a resource on your own server.

Also, Colorbox has various skins you can use. Here’s a slightly different one.

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