Best Laptop Screen for Graphics Designers, I'm looking for a Matte Screen

The screen I have now is giving me headaches I think. It has a Gloss finish so I can see my reflection (it’s a shame Glossy is advertised as a good thing).

Anyway, does anyone have any recommendations for a Laptop (PC) that has a Matte Screen but also has enough power for Graphics Design and Gaming. I’m finding it difficult to find something like that.

I think the Matte screen will help out alot. My current laptop does have full native resolution (1080P) It’s an ASUS.

I’ve heard Thinkpad (IBM) are good but they don’t seem to have a whole lot of power. I’m looking for something with an I7 Processor or faster, any ideas for that?

Thanks for any tips.

I have an Acer laptop and it uses a Matte screen (rather than a reflective one like my other HP laptop) so I can vouch for it’s quality. Acer are actually one of the best for value + specifications, however if you really want a high end machine with the latest gear, your best bet is probably Alienware. Their kit is pretty expensive (but as you want a gaming rig you’re probably prepared for that) yet their quality is pretty much unparalleled these days. :slight_smile:

The new Toshiba (i.e. Qosmio X500-12Q my current heavy-work laptop) and Acer are good!
There are nice HPs too around!
But for a graphic designer I would suggest using another screen than the laptop’s own screen! Packard Bell MAESTRO-240W 24" HD or Acer ET.LHS0B.001 T230H 23" Tactile are good options (I tried them) same for Samsung screens.

I have to agree with Dark Tranquility - I am no designer but I really appreciate a good monitor conneted to the laptop. If you are working at a specified location that’ll be the best option (and save you some money as well). If you really want a laptop with a good screen for a reasonably price I’d also suggest Acer.