Color screen

Hello, I am a web design student, I want to buy a laptop with a maximum budget of $800, someone with experience in web design (especially frontend) can answer a question for me. Is a 100% color screen essential? Or is one with 45% NTSC useful? Because I can’t find any model with a decent screen in that price range, do you recommend a model?

I had to look up what 45% NTSC meant, but from what I read, that may cause you issues with color representation when trying to edit photos and do graphic work, so if your work is graphic heavy, that may be a concern.

But the bigger concern (to me) is the limited memory you’re going to be able to afford with the budget. I like the MSI line of laptops - relatively budget friendly but solid performance (four different people in my family all use them) - but even they run over $800 for more then 8GB of memory, which to me is too little for graphic intense work.

Good luck to you on your hunt, though. Perhaps if you can hold out closer to the holidays, you can get a little more bang for your buck.

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